• Every week, I try to have a social event with friends.
  • Love chatting and discovering various locations while enjoying a drink.


Welcome to the unique story of Mathieu Dubois. He is currently enrolled in his third year at the University of Ottawa as a Marketing student at the Telfer School of Management. Native from Val D'or, he has spent his childhood in Sherbrooke, Quebec. While growing up, he competed in a wide variety of physical activities, but quickly realized that hockey was by far his favorite. Hockey helped him be the individual he is today by giving him grit, passion, and a work-ethic that cannot be trumped. Now as a young professional Mathieu is looking to make the best out of each and every opportunity while conquering all the worlds challenges he is faced with.

Here's a better look at his story!


Social Life


  • Responsible for supervising 4 part-time student employees
  • Interact with 100+ students a day to handout promotional material and answer their questions
  • Accountable for creating and overseeing the schedule for the Promotional Team
  • Implemented various strategic marketing and communications plans targeted towards students
  • Named Project Lead for building a Promotional Team and an Onboarding Program
  • Assisted the Marketing Officer and Sponsorship Director with Women’s Soccer National Championship
  • Participated content creation for social media accounts and websites.

Working Experience

Promo Team Lead

University of Ottawa

September 2018-Present

  • 18 + years of playing hockey.
  • Competed in Golf, Tennis, Cross-Country Running, Football, Volley-Ball.


  • Responsible for creating and maintain a membership database
  • Create a bi-weekly e-newsletter to be emailed to all members and posted on the website
  • Ensure that all information about the club events are being properly distributed
  • Help plan with Clubs Day and the General Assemblies with the Events Team


Extra Curricular

University of Ottawa
Telfer School of Management
September 2016 - December 2020
Bachelor of Commerce - Marketing

Telfer Marketing Association
Membership Director
September 2018 - Present

  • CO-OP
  • 2016: Student-Athlete Hockey Team
  • Prefect
  • Hockey & Golf MVP
  • Silver & Bronze Medalist Duke of Edinburgh's
  • Been cooking for over 5 years.
  • Taught myself over 75+ recipes from the Internet.


  • Lived in one year in United States (New Hampshire).
  • Traveled to Switzerland, Germany, Cuba, United States.


Bishop's College School
High School
September 2008 - June 2014

Promotions and Marketing Assistant

University of Ottawa‍‍‍

April 2018 - August 2018