Optimistic . Inclusive .‍‍‍ Passionate.

Mathieu Duboi‍‍‍s

‍‍Today is the most important day of your life,

‍‍‍since yest‍‍‍erday does not belong to you anymore,

and tomorrow is still an illusion.


So remember this:


If today is lived well,

Each yesterday will turn into a happy memory,

and each tomorrow will turn into a vision full of hope.

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Quote Open 2

Les Créations Tendresse Inc.


  • Athlete.
  • Healt‍‍‍h and Fitness.
  • Sports Fan.

  • Marketing Student.
  • Sherbrooke, Quebec raised.
  • Bilingual (French & English‍‍).


  • ‍‍‍Adventure seeker.
  • Competitions & Challenges.
  • Driven.